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"My name is Pam and I have been using ecigarette from past couple of months and it feels so realistic in your hand" - Pam

"It feels like a cigarette, smokes like a cigarette, actually looks like a cigarette. I quite smoking about 3 months ago all thanks to ecigarette" - Justin

"Ecigarette is basically considered to be a miracle drug" - Jason
"I have tried evertyhing from patches, pills , hypnotism but nothing has ever worked as well as the ecigarette" - Kathy

"I have been a smoker for over 50 years. During the last two years I have had my right middle lobe of my lung collapse three times due to COPD. I have tried to stop smoking to no avail. I have used your cigarette for 1 week and have cut my smoking in half. I plan to keep using the ecigarette until I have completely quit smoking. Thanks for this great product...."
M.S., IL

"I think this is the best product I have invested in. I have been smoking on and off for 20 years and I have tried to quit unsuccessfully. Because of my health I really needed to quit and saw an ad on the Internet and thought I would try it. This is the best product I have ever used and have so far quit smoking. Since using this product I have been able to successfully resist my cigarette cravings. And the the money I spent on e-cigarettes will be a big savings compare to buying cigarettes. Thanks again for this wonderful product. I am now smoke free and healthier. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to quit smoking or replace tobacco..."
L.D., NC

"As a lifelong smoker and the Ecigarette being my first electronic cigarette I am delighted. Very easy to use, carry, and enjoy. Batteries charge very quickly and all communications by your company have been totally professional. In the end my decision to select this product was based on no nicotine policy and it was absolutely the right decision. Thanks for a great product and perfect transactions."
J.H., AZ

"Finally a product that can help people quit a bad habit. I'm glad ECigarettesUSA, Inc. has brought this great product to America."

J.M., TN

"I quit smoking in just three weeks! I use the ECigarette when I get a craving - but at least I’m not getting the chemicals and poisons I got from real cigarettes."
D.H., FL

"Now I can enjoy 'smoking' when I want to the most − after a good meal at my favorite restaurant"
S.R., CA

"I HAVE to have a cigarette when I fly. It calms me down. With ECigarette, now I can!
V.L., FL

"I haven't fully quit smoking yet, but using the ECigarette, is helping! It costs LESS than
real cigarettes."

G.S., FL

"Im cutting back on my real cigarette usage with the help of the ECigarette. In these hard economic times, I'm spending less on cigarette smoking."
T.P., NY

"I have smoked for 65 years. I gave up smoking not because I wanted to but I got so tired of listening to "why do you smoke" and being made to feel like a pariah. I enjoyed my cigarette. I have tried several other brands of ECigarettes and had no luck with them for one reason or another. The atomizers did not last, the liquid leaked and really tasted nasty, or the batteries did not last and it was a real hassle. I have had yours for about a week and they are great.The vapor is the best yet and really feels like a cigarette. So now I have the enjoyment and not the perils and no-one is on my back. What a concept. One very big plus is the customer service. Fantastic and quickly responsive. I'm happy my kids are happy and all is right with my world. One of the big things that impressed me with this company is their refusal to sell nicotine cartridges. All the other companies do and I for one can't see giving up the ghost and still being addicted to nicotine. So ECigarettesUSA thank you."
R.J., NJ

"I have been smoking for over 50 years. I have tried the gum, the patch, and the medication to no success. I used your cutting down method of 1/3 the first week which gave me a cigarette about every 2 hours. This last week I stretched it to 2 1/2 hours and next week I plan to go 3 hours between cigaretts. So far I am very impressed with eCigarette. It really takes the edge off when I think I need a cigarette."
T.B., KS

"I really think the ECigarette is a great product that can really help people to quit smoking. Many people smoke because they are bored or are just so used to doing it after eating or whatever the ECigarette helps to still be able to do it, but not have all the harmful side effects."
J.G., WA

"My name is Brian and I have been using the Ecigarette for several weeks now. I have enjoyed the convenience of being able to use the Ecigarrette in places that you normally are not allowed to smoke. I have also dramatically cut down on smoking real cigarettes. I have been smoking for over 20 years and believe I have finally found a way to competely quick smoking. The Ecigarette is one of the best purchases I've ever made. "
B.C.J., NJ

"I ordered this product for my daughter who is 24 years old and wants to quit smoking. Now, she enjoys the flavor of the tobacco from the e-cigarette better than her 'real' cigarette. Thank you for this product, I think it will help many people get off cigarettes once and for all. Thank you!"
D.R., FL

"In 2 weeks I have gone from 2 packs a day to about half a pack. Hoping to be completely off in a bout another 2 weeks."
V.B., FL

"I've only had my ecigarette for about a week and already have cut back to just a couple of cigarettes a day. I was really surprised to see how great it works. I actually like it better than cigarettes because there's no smell and no guilt. I tell everyone about it and a few people have shown a real interest in trying it. I'm thinking about getting them for my 2 daughters to help them quit. I didn't think I would ever find a way to quit smoking that I actually like but this has got to be the easiest. I'm glad I tried it because it works."
K.W., IN

"I am very pleased with this product! I haven't completely quit smoking YET, but I'm definitely on my way. I've cut back drastically on "real" cigarettes and I've only been using ECigarettes for less than 2 weeks! I'm feeling a difference in my energy levels already and I love not always smelling like cigarette stench! Thank you and I will continue to use this product until I'm officially a non-smoker! My family, friends, and me are very thankful!"
J.N., WA

"I've been smoking for over 20 years and have tried plenty of times to quite without complete success. Every time I would go cold turkey it would only last a week or until I have a bad stress day. I'm so glad to have your product because I'm able to imagine that I'm cheating without actually smoking. Thank you!"
R.N., PA

"I am so impressed with my ecigarette. I have been smoking off and on since I was in high school and over the years have tried almost everything possible to quit. Although some of the methods I've tried in the past did work for a while, I have always gone back to smoking cigarettes. Today is only my 5th day of using the ecigarette and I have already reduced my smoking of real cigarettes by more than half. Yesterday I only smoked four cigarettes. I take my ecigarette with me everywhere I go. I no longer need to make sure I have real cigarettes in my purse before I leave the house in the morning. I no longer smoke cigarettes when I'm at work because the ecigarette satisfies me enough that I if I get the urge for a real cigarette I use my ecigarette and so far it is working for me. It is such a good feeling to know that when I use the ecigarette I'm not putting all of those chemicals and toxins in my body. I will continue to use the eigarette and I'm very hopeful that I will finally be able to say my final "good-bye" to smoking. I recommend anyone who is really serious about quitting smoking try the ecigarette. My husband who has also been a smoker for years has shown a lot of interest in my ecigarette and I'm hoping I can talk him into purchasing one for himself. "
C.Z., PA

"Since I take Chantix to quit smoking the ECigarettes takes away the craving - it’s like still smoking but without the harm of real cigarettes."
E.B., ME

"The ECigarette taste better than the real cigarette."
M.N., MI

"As a lifelong smoker and the Ecigarette being my first electronic cigarette I am delighted. Very easy to use, carry, and enjoy. Batteries charge very quickly and all communications by your company have been totally professional. In the end my decision to select this product was based on no nicotine policy and it was absolutely the right decision. Thanks for a great product and perfect transactions."
J.H., AZ

"I love the e cigarette. I was having a really hard time quiting smoking! Mainly because I like to hang out with my girls and have a few drinks and cigs. Now I can still do that without having to worry about the addiction. This is the best thing I could have done for my quitting smoking mission."
N.Mc., MI

"The ecigarette was all that was promised. It really does look like a real cigarette and the tobacco taste does help to curb my need for nicotine."
L.S., WA

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